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Hard Body Lures Vs Soft Plastics


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Hi Raiders,

When do you choose to use soft plastics or hardbodies? i've used soft plastics but i'm a bit frustrated with the small fish destroying every gulp i throw out and hard bodies are the only alternative aside from going back to bait.



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I've found that Powerbaits and Squidgies (in that order) are also effective, and don't get as destroyed as gulps...

35->40mm blades are a good alternative too and you can fish them just like plastics, any part of the water column... Rapala CD range also good in this respect...

I usually switch to HB's when my plastics are being shredded to bits by Jackets and Choppers ...

or.. when i'm not catching much on plastics...

Bait.. hmmm don't know much about these days :biggrin2: but sometimes it's a good alternative..

will only pump for nippers, or send livies out though.. haven;t touch the servo stuff for ages!

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try a stinger hook on your plastics youll be suprised not allways little fish that take the tail

basically put your plastic on the jig as normal get a short length of 4-6 lbs fluro leader tie it to the actual hook with a albright knot or something that will hold tight use a small trebble get the length near the end of the plastic and once again tie it off insert one of the treble hooks into the plastic leaving 2 exposed this should improve your hook up rate try a few different plastic and watch their action as it will affect some of them and thats wat you dont want but others will be fine

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As every one said HBs are the way to go when your SPs tails are disappearing. With HBs I love using the Vibes and some Bassday Poppers and you gotta have some metal slugs as compulsary requirement.

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I hav to admit fishing with plastics for a long period of time with no fish gets very boring thats why theres poppers :thumbup: TRust me they are really really fun to use being able t see the lure work on the surface :thumbup: And even more fun when a fish slams it off the surface. Its Sight fishing Beats not being able to see anything :thumbup:

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thanks for the advice guys! i've thought about stinger hooks, looks like trebles are the way to go? i went out and bought some poppers so looking forward to giving them a go!

as for my sp technique; i don't know about that hahaha might not get any bites at all if i switch to a true plastic!

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i cant stand gulp any more because you get to many nibblers which are generally fish that won't take a lure any way

proper plastics such as squidgys are much better for bream IMO

i will generally use either a HB or SP to suit the terrain i am fishing

examples, seagrass = floating HB , sandflats= floating or sinking hb or SP, racks= floating hB on top or SP beside the racks

blades have impressed me lately and cast far and sink quickly

basically use the best lure for the job at hand

get the lure close to the structure (without snagging) and try both aggressive and finesse presentations until you work out what the fish want (you may be supprised, and it always changes)



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