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Avoca Lagoon Looking Brilliant

Ray R

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G'day Raiders, was on my way to Avoca for a look see around the rocks and as I approached the lake I thought it looked too good not to grab a couple of shots, I tried to capture the last of the days rays glistening on the barely ruffled surface, I think they came out okay.






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Noice Noice!! You have too much time on your hands, Ray!! Just as well you had your camera with you! :)


Wouldn't mind yakkin' that bit one day! ......

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G'day Ray,

Mate I always love your pics, sometimes don't get the chance

to get out and about, so I really appreciate the effort you go to

Thanks mate

Couldn't agree more, Rooster. Great work Ray :thumbup:


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If anyone ever asks what you see in fishing Ray... just show em those pics... How's the serenity!!
That's exactly right Slinky!

Great shots Ray! :thumbup: Fantastic, incredible, terrific, marvelous, wonderful, brilliant ... (but we're running out of adjectives) :wacko:

Keep 'em coming!



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I always look forward to seeing your new shots Ray, they always make my day.

The peace and serenity of some and the might of Mother Nature in others.

You brighten up a lot of peoples lives just by being in the right place at the right time. Keep em coming.



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