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Botany Bay 6/5/09

Basil D

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Me and adjusted Pete decided to go fishing today, poor bugger has been without fishing for a month, the withdrawal simptoms were strong.

we met up at my place at 5am, i seen Pete outside asleep in his car, tapped on the window and he up in a flash.

we hit the water at 5.30am in the morning, suprise suprise, for a working day there was heaps of boats going out.

got to the bait grounds and the little buggers were playing hardball, managed 8 yakkas,

went to a couple of spots but non firing, went to another spot and drifted for the rest of the day, we put of the livies and were bottom bashing while waiting for a hit.

pete picked up a nice bream, i picked a couple of wrass.

then petes rod goes off, 6 foot hammerhead, it smashed petes line .

what a sight, i was hoping pete would be able to bring it in, i wanted a closer look and maybe grab him by the tail I FISH style.

meanwhile i seen a squid hanging around the bottom of my boat motor, pete picked up the squid jig, i started to reel in my livie so i can entice it, whata ya know, the smartarse was eating my livie at my boat even though i casted the livie way out, first time ive ever seen that, anyway i tried to land him in the net but it got off, do you think he went away NO he seemed upset at loosing my yakka :074: , by then pete dropped the jig in and wham, come here you bugger, Pete lost his squid virginity :1prop:

After that we thought there should be a few more around, so i scewerd a dead yakka and put it out, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wow heavy but dead weight, wow giant cuttle fish, hi fives all round.

next thing you know pete rod goes off again, was fighting for a few minutes, we caught a climpes of HIM Hoodlum Kingy, bam, line snaps :ranting2:

Pete was swearing and cursing the braid, thats it he says, im getting a 60 pound Braid.

all in all great day in the water, cant wait for next week, were going out again :thumbup:

well cuttle fish and squid dinner + bait

here is a better photo of this monster


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Nice day to be out on the water, that is one big Cuttle, imagine the size of the budgie that's gonna be chewin' on that one..


yeah it was huge, wish i took a phoo of the beak, too late now, i keep the guts and of peices etc straight into a mincer for butley
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Wow thats massive!

Are cuttlefish good to eat? As good as squid?

just finished cookin a portion of this monster, you know what! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i used crumbs, flour, egg, salt, chillie powder and chillie flakes, soaked the flesh in for an hour and shalow fried, + :beersmile: heaven

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