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We left at around 10am as our skipper thought it would be better to fish till dark. We trolled till 2 then started cubing at Mikes secret spot. About an hour or so in the 24kg bow rod with a live yakka got a bit excited followed by a good strike. The fish decided to do a full lap of the boat on the surface with most of us calling it a shark but 45 minutes into the fight he had gone deep them come back to the surface many times but Mike was sure it was a big yellowfin. Anyway about an hour later we had him up and saw a lovely yellowfin with sickles as long as my arm just out of gaff length.. Mike estimated this fish well over 80kg! Unfortunately this is as close as he got as before our eyes the hook pulled. About half hour later we could see fish jumping in the setting sun over Sydney in perfect conditions and slowly watched the fish move around behind our trail. Finally we had our next hook up and boated a fin of 22kg followed by a double hookup with one 28kg and another 35kg. We still had fish in the trail but decided that 3 fish was enough and by this stage it was about 6pm.

All in all another great day out.




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Top report to open ur account with brother! Well done...

Hope to read many more of ur reports like that!!




Well done mate,great fin,seeing these fish on your post will have everybody excited and starting to get ready for a good season hopefully.Again well done and welcome to fishraider.

Dave :thumbup:

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