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Looking For A Boat


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Hey fellow raiders, been checking out this site for a while and thought i would ask for some advice.

I currently have a 4m quintrex tinnie with a johnson 15hp and while its a good little boat for fishing, im looking for something a bit bigger, preferably a half cabin type.

Because im just new to boating i dont want to go out and spend heaps on something i might not use, so ive been looking at the older fibreglass ones with a half decent outboard.

My question is what price should i expect for an older half cabin with an outboard in good condition. Also which brands should i stay away from?

Ive seen some go on ebay for around 5000 but im not sure if thats too cheap because it might have problems.

I will be using it for fishing around the harbour both day and night fishing.


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Hello mjacd,

Welcome to fishraider.

We have a site sponsor (Huey from Huett marine) who I would have a chat to if I was you. He can point you in the right direction and give you heaps of good advice.

Not sure of brands to avoid but you should try and stick to well known brands like Haines, Savage or Seafarer.

I picked up a seafarer venus for around $5 k a few years ago and something similar would fit your criteria quite well. Seafarers are good entry level boats and the venus is the 1/2 cab cousin of the famous v-sea.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy of a magizine by Jeff Webster called 2nd hand boats from your local newsagent. He lists heaps of boats with a brief description and a price guide that you could use to get an idea of how much you could expect to pay.

Before you buy the boat take it for a test run on the water and if you are still keen on it get it inspected by a professional so that you dont buy a lemon.


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Hi, with the budget of about $5K you will need to be very careful, that figure for a 16-17 foot cabin boat can buy you alot of trouble that will end up costing you more in the long run than say buying a boat for a few grand more. Yes you might get lucky and get something like an old Seafarer with say a 70HP 3 Cylinder Johnson or Evinrude, but it will be of the 1980's vintage and if not maintained any engine that age can be trouble. If you find something, check the hull for rotten transom and floor and say to the owner that you want to bring the outboard in to have it inspected and I would be wanting to remove the cylinder head (easy and preventative maintainance anyway) to check for corrosion. If passes a test allow about $800-$1000 to do a cylinder head cylinder head including thermos and a water pump service on something like that 3 cylinder OMC used as an example.

If you find something PM me or post on here and I will giev you my thoughts on it,



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Unless you are very good with mechanics and DIY i would be giving serious consideration to spending $5k on a boat of that size. I contemplated it a while back and decided on a tinny for many reasons but mostly the cost involved. Would it be an option to sell :( the tinny you have and invest that money too? To be honest if i were buying an engine around the 70HP like Huey suggests, which is what i would want with a half cab, i would be investing all my $5k into that. I have spent a shit load more cash on my boat since i got it and it was brand new!! If i had to also fix certain parts of the engine i would be even more broke than i am. Like i said make sure you know what you are doing and if not then make sure you get some that does to have a look. Cheers. Mike.

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