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when i was in fiji at xmas fishing with fellow raider adrian we decided to give the doggys a go a change from fishing for gts. but all that happend was i got bit off 3 times and got one 400g jig bit in half !!!! we did manage to get one on a popper about 15 kg .well it looks like adian has found them BIG TIME ,he ask me to pass on the report because of the slow internet on the island. so here are a few shot i have so far .the big one went 90kgs.(im never swimming there again) they got 8 all up top fish.and new fiji record




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Wow that's a massive fish. However there have been much bigger..... Fishing's the best in Fiji, let me tell you from first hand experience, being from there. If you manage to get an experienced skipper, there's nothing like the fishing in the waters there, anywhere else in the world! You'll forget your hoody kingie, or dollie in a flash...... :D Make sure you put this on your "bucket list" as number 1.



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