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Beat My Pb Bream By 10cm


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A day after i made my blackie report, dad uncle and me went fishing at broken bay. It was a nice night and with a good tide! When we arrived at our destination we decided to get ready to have dinner. I put out a running sinker rig with a bit of freshly bought prawn...well, what happened next was unreal. We were setting up for dinner and just when we had all eaten our first mouth full of food, the rod buckles and drag was stripped away like no tomorrow (one thing to note was that we didnt have rod holders...it was leant against the boat with my takle box blocking it from sliding). I picked up the rod and played with the fish...or maybe it played with me! With the weight and the long blistering run i knew it was a bream, except I didnt expect it to be such a size. It took 5 minutes to land it, it run around the boat and stayed down deep, to see the first glimpse of the fish sent excitement down the spine. My dad helped net the fish with great precision and good team work, we were shocked and happy seeing the size of it!

We bled it and put it in the ice slurry, so, baited up and back to dinner it was. You know what, when we just sat down and we had another massive run. I guess dinner time for us and for the fish were about the same time :biggrin2: they wouldnt let us eat at all! But ofcourse we didnt mind :thumbup:. We ended up with 3 fish before we settled into dinner. 43cm,44cm,35cm.

After dinner we set up another two rods, all with prawns and left them there while we relaxed in the nice calm night. That was untill one of the rods buckles over again, and i was onto another good fish. You know what! Another cracker sized bream of 44cm which was fat, long, and tall (it turned out to be a female). Also i cant thank my dad enough for the netting skills, champion :thumbup: Well, the session came to a halt when the catfish and stingrays started to roll in and we decided it was time to sleep.


The next morning, we found the leatherjackets. Mum makes the best asian soup out of leather jackets, The smaller they are the sweeter they are! Also, i guessed i would do you guys a favour and take a few from the ocean. We ended up with 52 chinaman leatheries. Yum! At midday we went to juno point for a bit before we left and caught 2 more bream that went 25 and 26cm.


Well, great day, great fish, best of all great bonding time. :thumbup: What else could you ask for.



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Hey Justin.

once again a great report :thumbup: and it is always good to see family members enjoying our thier fishing together.

Some nice fish there, stonker bream as the saying goes, and interesting to see the small "chinaman" going to a good cause.

See you on the water.


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G'day Justin, those bream are thumpers, they realy put up a great fight too, sounds like you need some rod holders for the boat .

I was out in Broken Bay on Saturday arvo/evenig and it was a nice time of day.


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Hey guys, it was a craker of a session! About the leatheries, i found that small leatheries were hard to catch on larger hooks (had to rebait often), on the other hand with smaller hooks youd always get bitten off. To counter this problem sight fishing is the best, lost almost 3 times less hooks and sinkers. Too bad i didnt have any long shank hooks, I was using the expensive panfish gamakatsu!!!

Also another tip i found..they ate everything..so if i used mullet skin i wouldnt need to rebait as often and catch about 3-4 without rebaiting. Just some tips for you guys chasing leatheries.

Justin :1fishing1:

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