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Kiwi Dan

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Hi Kiwi Dan,

Very strong flesh-large dark red muscle.

Bleed as soon as caught under pectoral fins then ice down.

Cut out dark red meat. Strong bitter flavour.

Not bad as sushi, can be fish cakes, pan fried a bit strong flavour.

Not too bad with a sweet chilli sauce and rosemary.

Most would say to save for bait, but not inedible.

Cheers Rowan

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Hi Dan, im the first to try the less desired specimen on the fork and i have tried a few!! however the old Skip Jack is best suited to end of a hook I recon!

Wont hurt to give it a go though.

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Tried a big one I caught recently for the first time, bled it immediately, iced it and filleted / skinned then cooked on the bbq right through and a bit of lemon and surprisingly it was delicous!

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Thanks lads.

If I am fortunate enough to bag one this weekend I am going to sushimi some, wack some chunks together as a thai curry with coconut milk, lemon grass. And then with last bit ill have a go of it on the smoker.

Obviously the key is getting one first lol!

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I have tried them. Bled and iced and then cut into cutlets. Seal each side on the barbie and on the side have a pan simmering with a can of peeled tomatoes, chopped olives, garlic, capers and salt & pepper to taste. approx. 15-20 min and eat with bread

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