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Balmoral Success!


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As some may know, im new to this fishing game.

but last night i finally caught a break!

i went across to balmoral at 530pm and set up shop with my deckchair , a box of pizza shapes and a bottle of water and some chicken thigh fillets and a few new yamashita jigs.

i first set up my main rod with a bit of chicken and set it out there and attached a 2.0 yamashita natural colour egi jig to my bream/spin/squid rod and after a few casts( i dont remember) i got a little friend.


so i reeled the big rod in and attach my new friend to it on a sliding hook rig with 2/0 suicide hooks.cast... 5 minutes later i feel a tug and a few big tugs and im thinking to myself, feels like a big squid..

hauled it in slowly. turned out to be a monster toad fish..

i tried to get the hook out but he wanted it so i cut the line and popped him back into the ocean. i

attached another 2/0 hook with what was left of the squid (now minus head) and cast again, minutes elapsed and i reeled him in to check i still had bait on the line. and it looked like some squid had attacked his side. very distinct bite marks on his side.. to i tossed him back again, this time further out.

10 minutes of me sitting in my chair having a drink of water. and i see a little hit on my rod. ah hah!! i say. and i reel slowly in and i can feel alot of weight on the line this time..

i reeled him into the wharf and it was a large squid :D knowing that if he is hooked it probably wont hold as it wasnt a jig i got a fellow fisherman to hold him next to the wharf while i tossed a yamashita 2.5 orange jig right next to him and he grabbed onto that as well

and we both pulled him onto the wharf.. here he is with the 2.5 jig and the squid bait..


a keeper for sure! i tossed him into a plastic bag and kept fishing.

i put some chicken thigh on my big rod and cast it out into a known hole just to see what can be had. and kept squidding with the orange yamashita 2.5 and a glowing thingo about 5cm from the jig..

and then...bam! another!


while i was on the phone to the :wife: telling her of my amazing turn of luck, the bells on my big rod go off, i hang up on her and start trying to control this fish thats pulling out my drag!

after a minute of fighting, its a 27cm Bream and my first keeper fish! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!


some time elapses and i put the chicken back out there on the big rod and put the natural colour yamashita 2.0 back on my squid rod and start having a play again.. then bam another taker!


by this time its 1145 and im wondering how long i should stay out here versus what will i do with all these squid anyway..

so at 1150 i say to myself, one more and ill go home. and at 1152, another squid takes the jig.


well that takes care of that.. and home i went :D



moon phase 21.5 with rising tide

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