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Strelitzia (bird Of Paradise )

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, just walking around the home and noticed how vibrant the colours were in our Strelitzias, so I grabbed my camera and took a couple of snaps, they really are a beautiful thing..





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I got a huge bush with these outside and they are really growing out off control :wacko: Its starting to cover my mail box so. within 2 weeks the flower will be gone because alot off by passers will cut them off :ranting2: Really pisses me off when there are no flowers the plant looks like an ugly dry bush

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Nice shots again Ray. :thumbup:

I'm a keen gardener and take hundreds of photos of flowers and plants. They're a great subject for photography, especially extreme close-ups.

However, I've just noticed that one of your photos looks very similar to a lure I have. I've never used it and have no idea what it'll catch. Any suggestions?




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