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Croc Photo,s For "big Dog"

Trapper Tom

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Hey Big Dog

Finally posted a croc photo for you.

Good storey here to.

Apparently this is one of the largest resident crocs on the Mary River around the Barrage area.

His name is FANG and with damn good reason.

Saw a buffalo in the water when trolling and then realised there was the famous FANG hiding not 10 metres away in the mangroves waiting for him. He was on the right just out of photo range.

Backed the boat off and waited to see the croc v/s buffalo (Cameron was told to turn around in case it really got gory, but NO WAY. Waited a bit then Mr Buffalo slowly turned around and walked off but still keeping a really really close eye on Fang. See 3rd photo. Now Reckon Mr Buffalo knew he was there all along. Both are very arrogant and confident creatures.

Said to Andrew need a really good photo of fang so he drove and I sat at the front and we slowly motored in. Hey that'al do Andrew at about 20 foot out and got ready to take the shot. Whilst concentrating on the camera viewfinder did not notice that Andrew had not put the motor in reverse and then neutral to hold position but we were in fact, correction "I" being at the nose of the boat, still drifting inwards to Mr Fang.

Clicked photo, did not get clean shot, realised I was about 10 foot from the damn bloody thing with Andrew and Cameron absolutely cacking themselves behind me, propelled my self backwards whilst screaming, fell over every bit of equipment in the boat, bark off me everywhere with a cardiac infarction imminent.

Hey what are mates for?

The sorry part to this is that I trusted him later in the trip because I really wanted a really good shot of a really big croc. Yep you guessed It. They both promised solemnly to not do it again. Sucker me, change of pants this time with the croc actually spooked and charging into the water. see last picture


Cheers and enjoy the photo's

Trapper T






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Thanks Trapper t

Thats a great photo, he is a big boy, I think I would have crapped myself too.

When I first got to shady the tide was out, and on the other side of the bank there were some crocs sunning themselves, being young and dumb we crossed the little bridge thing separating the fresh and salt water and started hunting the crocs to get a good photo. How dumb, anyway suprisingly they were scared of us and scampered into the water. There were least 8 to 10 of them.

That night, on the fresh water side we counted 32 crocs in and around the boat ramp, we just shone a torch and could see their eyes. At that time we had consumed some bevys from the esky (ok more than some) we made our way down to the bridge or barrage and starting throwing rocks at the crocs, it was funny at the time, the stupid and dangourous thing is, the crocs were right there at the same level as we were.

I love that part of OZ


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