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Wet Weather Gear Advice Needed


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hi guys,

the weather this sunday looks very ordinary to say the least and my tuna trip if on is going to be very bumpy/wet and uncomfortable...

i need to get a decent wet weather gear so im looking for the good and bad on what you guys are using so i can make the best choice for my hard earned...

$$$ is not the overiding factor within reason and i would prob spend up to $200 then if more it would really have to be the ducks guts so to speak...

i need to get it this sat arvo if trip looks a goer...

cheers .... steve......

ps: please dont post shops as its against site rules so pm me if you know of a good deal someone has..

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columbia makes some very nice wet weather jackets for fishing. the sleeves are airtight meaning less water getting up. although last time i checked it was $300. so instead i'm wearing my dad's hand me down spray jackets.

if you can't find one in time, a good rain coat does alright

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Ive got stacks of columbia gear and for comfort and to keep warmth, AND good looks they are great. Ive never stood there in a torrential downpour tho. For that sort of thing the best gear is, get this:

Australia Post- postie raincoats or

Integral Energy full pants and overlapping waterpoof jacket with inner liner.

Ive got the IE ones but used the postie ones in the past too.

Ive been caught in huge storms where rain has bucketted fown on me for 30 mins or so, hard enough for me not to be able to see where im going on the water, and ive got off the boat without a drop of water on my clothes underneath!


I would have to agree with Musty - although these items are hard to get for the average punter. The orange Railcorp rain jackets are the best I have found.

I bought at Jacket by Marlin 10 years ago at a boat show in Sydney. It is waterproof as is the hat, lined with some kind of warm furry material and has heat sealed seams - $80.

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All are avaliable without branding at the workwear shops - Steve I have sent you a PM

Just find out brand and style and if they don't stock it they will source it for you.

The good ones that breath and have removable liners for colder weather aren't cheap but they are avaliable. Removable liner is great for washing as if you are active in them they do tend to wreak a bit.

The thing to look for is the hood . Of all the jackets I have had most are let down by crap hoods. The sailing ones have better hoods but you have to try em on and see what suits ya big head - ha ha

I stuff them up and tear them , get them dirty so I tend to go reasonably cheap and replace them every few years.

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Have to go along with the other guys, Postie gear is the go ,although the stuff we used to get a few years ago was a lot better than the gear we get now (read cheaper). That said,even though it isn't a high fashion item if you can get some, snap it up.

Over the years, i have found that to be classed as 1/2 way decent, it must have double cuffs with the inner one being a very snug fit, it must have a hood or a high collar , and quality zips and fasteners.

Have a chat with your postie, you never know? ,a small quantity of his /her favourite indulgence might go a long way.


Bruce :beersmile:

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Older Postie stuff is Gore-tex material,designed and sewn by Gore Aust ,the new stuff is made by Mountain designs Aust. using Chinese material.

Hope this helps.


Geeze you should make the accounant who buys the stuff wear it in rain at 60km?h and then you would get the good fancy stuff with! Mate used to test some of the stuff for Aussie post for the bikes and was always suspect that some of the sample stuff they got was better quality and better made than the final stuff ordered as time went on. Not really about where it is made but more about the honesty of the materials and consistancy.


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I bought myself one of those Team "Fishing Mate" jackets from my local, they have a special for $59. Guaranteed storm and water proof, heavy double stitching, hood etc. It has storm sleeves (elastic inside the sleeves) to stop water and wind going up your arms.

I fished in the belting rain all day Saturday and not even a drop got through, even around the neck area as it has a velcro section that cover the zipper.

Here is a link to their catalogue, Page 14......


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burke gear is the best made for boating and sailing not for motorbikes and posties take it from a motorbike rider i,ve tried a lot of the so called wet weather gear and havent found anything to match the quality for the price :1fishing1:

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