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Sat Morning


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hey raiders i've been chasing snapper over the last week for zip we had a few rats but i realy love catching snapper and all the spots i have had for 20 odd years have produced bugger all

so today was all about finding some new spots i had 6 new gps marks to check out ranging from 60meters to 20 meters

we started at 3.00am and were at spot 1 at 4.00am instead off dropping the pick i took my time and sounded the area for snapper

it took me till spot 4 to find some fish by this time it was 7.00am the first bait down gets a baker :1badmood: bugger were to late after a run off bakers my mate pulls a just legal pinky :biggrin2:

with in 2 min's my rod go'es off big time and i'm into a good red there was no way this fish was getting away i had waited all week for this fish after a good battle finaly it's in the net

neil lost a better red not long after by going to hard to early that was it for the reds but i'm one happy camper now i have a new spot that holds some good fish

cherrs gary




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Onya Gary, that's a nice sized reddie and mate they taste great, I finished the last a of my long weekend reddies today.

Congrats on your fish mate, enjoy him..


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Nice Squire mate! :beersmile:

Congrats, I hear they are getting a few ATM at various locations in the harbour.

I know one angler who took 2 X 6kg models 2 weeks ago + an 84cm Flattie from a location in the harbour- I dont know specifics as it is one of those "secret spots".

Good on ya budd :)



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