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Hot Chilli Calamari


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Cut the calamari tube with a very sharp knife into thin rings (thats the secret)

I find it easier to do this when the tube is either frozen or in a semi frozen state. If the tube is defrosted they are slipery & difficult to maintain consistant thin rings

VirginOlive oil...(a good splash ).

Soy sce.....2 - 3 table spoons

Sesame oil.....just a drop...only for the aroma , optional

Garlic , 1 clove or 1 tee spoon granuals

Chili...I used the bottled chili ( Chilli Flakes "Hot" ) Most people use a quarter of a teaspoon..I use a teaspoon and then some for good measure... it will depend how hot you want it

Merin.......(Japanese cooking seasoning sakie/corn syrup, alcoholic just a teaspoon..but only if you have it dont go and buy it specially)


1 tee spoon Balsamic Vinegar

Lemon , used when serving

Mix ingedients , add calamari. There has to be enough of the marinade for there to be a light film over all the calamari.

Marinade for approx 15 min , stirring every 5 min or so

Place a few splashes of Olive Oil preferably into a wok , however a pan will do , add around 50% of the marinade

The wok needs to be very hot so the calamari cooks quickly without burning. I keep moving the calamari up the sides of the wok where it is hotest. Doesnt take very long at all.


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Woolies now sell a McCormicks Salt and pepper Squid packet Mix.

its not as good as your recipe but its easy and tastes great

1 add sachet and squid rings or pieces into a plastic bag.

2 Shake and remove squid

3 Cook in Frypan or deep fry.

4 Eat

Simple and great.

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