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Browns Tuna Wednesday


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Headed out to Browns on Wednesday at 11am.

After hearing lots of bad reports on the radio we decided to stop and start

jigging for kingies at the 12 mile, upon pulling up there we watched another

boat getting amongst them however we had no such luck. Got to the shelf

dropped some lures in then decided to troll to a position North of Browns

were our cube trail would be roughly over Browns on sunset....

Then on sunset we started marking some fish on the sounder and got a double

hookup unfortunatly losing both fish one to a pulled knot and the other by my

cousin not used to overheads go over the button and go straight to red line

because it was stuck down.

We marked more fish and had crazy Albacore action behind the boat. Got 14

Albaroce up to about 12KG. We hooked one Crazy Albi that jumped out of the

water to take a pilchard off the end of the rod tip that was danging above

the water. Pulled out the light threadies had some fun till we got smashed by

a big Tuna!! Dropped 2 big yakka's out got a double hook up on 35 - 40 fin.

To top it off it was now about 6:30 at, dark and my spotties were not


THen trying to brain spike a tuna with a knife i slipped cutting my little

finger which would end up later on geting five stitches. Got on the radio and

told anyone who was still out at browns to come and jump on our trail. Had a

big cat come and join us before we took off.

Water temp was 19.7 and we found no temp breaks from way inside the shelf

and didn't mark any bait.

Had a really fun afternoon . my cousins second game trip (cause it's way too


pics to come

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yes mate it was a fun arvo session i still can't get your cut finger out of my head :( and i think i tore a gut muscle lifting the esky full of tuna.any way thanks again i'm stoked i caught my pb fin. p.s how's your head :wacko:

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