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Fisrst Snapper


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It's been a long time since I posted a fishing report so here goes.

After 4 postponements due to weather, yesterday we (wife, brother, mate & nephew) finally got out with the guys from Broadbill Charters. Glen was our skipper for the day with Chris as deckie. We departed at the gentlemanly hour of 7am headed for The Hump on a smooth sea with little breeze. Hopes were high for a big day after reading so many reports of stripped tuna & bonito on the way down & sizeable hauls of snapper up to 3.5kgs. None of us had ever landed a snapper so expectations were pretty high.

The day started great. Just as we cruised past the south head at Botany we were confronted by a couple of whales only a hundred meters away. We'd never seen that before so a first within the foirst 10 minutes. Rosco was an hour ahead of us on Broadbill & reports were that the pelagics had deserted us today. Not one strike for Broady on the way down. That didn't deter us & out went the lures. But alas we never had a hit either. About 1/2 way down & the radio call is Broadbill, Billfisher.... Rosco had arrived at the mark & in the first 15 minutes had picked up 3 reds already. Not huge but a solid start. Prospects looked good.

We arrive shortly after & commenced our fist drift. Huge balls of bait fish were sounding so the hope was that the snapper were holding under them. Within 2 minutes of bait hitting the water the slimmies started to come aboard. Bugger. Then my nephews rod bends sharply & he's onto something substantial. Call quickly comes from Glen.... shark. Now that got our attention & after a quick tussle the Maiko gained its freedom when it leapt from the water & shook it's head & busted the light leader. Very spectacular even if it was only 1.5 mt long.

On our second drift, after boating 5 or 6 slimmies my rod bends sharply & line starts to run freely as whatever I'd hooked took off. Glen again called shark but I saw the rod tip boucing with headshake & called it for our fist snapper. A short but interesting fight finished with Chris netting my first ever snapper. It went 57cm. Not huge bt as it turnred out the biggest snapper of the day. The next hour or 2 saw us boat the usual mix of reef fish & LOTS of slimmies.

Around lunchtime my bro Steves is onto what is obviously another reasonable snapper & has it almost boatside when a maiko races at it & takes a mouthfull. Bugger. The 2nd biggest snapper of the day is now 10 or 15 cm smaller. Glenn says thats it he's gone & rigs up another rod with a float suspending a big slimmie fillet on 100lb line. We'll get him he say & he was true to his word. Not too long after my wife Nicky land her first maiko.which is very quickly dispatched. Things were slow from then on with only a 50cm morwong (another first for me) being worthwhile. One slimmie did come onboard with obvious teeth marks on it & the call from Chris was he'd seen a small yellow fin chasing it close to the boat.

It was getting on & the weather wasn't looking great so the call was to head home. Everyone was smilling & satisfied with a great day even if the hoped for snapper didn't arrive. Count for the day was 4 kepper snapper, 1 morwong, several leatherjackes, 3 or 4 pigfish, Sgt Bakers, nannygai & a thousand slimmies. Nicky still hasn't caught her big snapper which was the aim of this trip but that just means we'll have to go again soon. Oh yeah... the whales turned it on for us on the way home too breaching & tail slapping as we cruised up the coast.

A big thanks to Glen & Rosco from Broadbill Charters & Chris the deckie for a great day.

btw a big thumbs up to the ET sea sickness remedy. Steve is a cronic spewer in offshore conditions & he felt great all day.

pics to follow once we work ou the new camera.





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Great report "kingys what kingys?" Congratulations on your first snapper and a big mowie. Your wife did okay too, landing her first mako. :thumbup:

If it was Saturday when you went out, then you would have passed us on the way down. We spent a bit of time chasing some tailor close to the cliffs before we made it to the hump.

We had a top day on the water too.



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Great report mate.

I've heard some good things about the ET sea sickness pills you mentioned.

What are they called and where can they be purchased if you don't mind me asking.




They worked a treat. My brother can get sick sitting in a bath I recon. He's been outside over 20 times & tried everything he could get his hands on but these are the ONLY ones that have worked for him.

If you call the BOVA Pharmacy in Carringbah they will make them up for you & you can pick them up or have them posted to you via registered mail. Just ask for the ET seasick remedy. Not exactly cheap but well worth the investment if they work.


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