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Salmon At Swansea


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Me and my dad headed out to swansea heads. The area is called Caves Beach i think.. we got there around 1am. And we attempted to catch breams but with no luck there was absolutely nothing.. We stayed there till about 6am. And my Lord it was cold .. One of the locals had told us that salmons come to this area everyday. Ive been fishing at this place quite often and we had no idea.. So we changed our rigs to use metal lures and just a bit after sunrise they came in like crazy. The water literally looks like your washing machine. I eventually caught my first and only salmon that morning. And i would have to say it was one of my best experiences fishing so far because they put up such a hard fight. Also being inexperienced i found it quite difficult because it was hooked on the side not the mouth which made it extra heavy.. In conclusion it was fantastic and i recommend anyone to go there because there are plenty.

Im not sure how long this one i caught was but it weighed around 3.5kg.

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Hey steze,

That would make the Sambo around the 70cm mark...

Great first tussle with a Sambo- they put up a great fight and when you get one that likes to leap outta the water its a great thing to watch.

Love the sound of a screeming reel with a lively Sambo attached on the sand, not much is better (unless its a big Jew attached to the end and your rell is almost smoking!... )

YES!!!!- ONTO IT!!!!!

Keep 'em coming

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Nice going on the salmon BUT the only problem now is that they've gone, last 4 days there has been none around Swansea morning or arvo, apparently they're up Stockton Beach way now.



Hi again everybody, yea i went up there last weekend and there was nothing. quite dissappointing because it was a long drive from sydney. Stockton Beach aye? i might have to give that a look. The area that i was fishing in is located in Caves Beach. I dont have the exact street name but if you really want to know just pm me and i'll find out for you mate.


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Steze, that is a long way from Sydney

Maybe you could try closer beaches on the Central Coast???

Plenty to choose from-

My personal picks are:

Pearl Beach



Nth Entrance

Check them out on your way up North they fish pretty well and theres always a chance of a Jew from these beaches too

Good luck!

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