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Fishing In Forster


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Hey everyone,

I am going to Forster for this coming weekend and was wondering if anyone could help me out on some possible land based locations near Lani's caravan park. I assume there are bream biting but what are they mostly caught on? Bait? Hardbodies? SP's?

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hehehe thanks Hoodlum!! :blush:

Hey Toikle, you could do a lot worse than fishing in the 'river' that runs thru the caravan park right there! Head up towards Lani's house .... there is a bridge there .... everything likes structure! All along that stretch before & after the bridge. There will be bream, whiting, flatties & blackies right there for you to catch!!

All 3 would work ... bait, sp & hb ..... try them all!

Good luck


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