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Fishing At Northern Beaches


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hi. just wanna know if anyone got a good spot around the northern beaches area. ive been fishing around curlcurl up to whale beach but with little success. whens is the best time to go to the spot? i normally go early mornings from around 5am to 11am. thanks in advance. ive been doing alot of fishing from shellharbour to avoca beach and the best fish i caught is a 2kg trevally near la perouse. regards to all...

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I've done ok off Narrabeen beach, around wetheral st. Salmon, Flatties, and i've seen big Jews caught there. (I'm yet to land one yet, tho have been busted off :mad3: )

Usually before dusk and the next 2-3 hours after, on a rising tide, but not been ther for a few weeks.

Ganged pillies or slabs of slimy mackeral seem to work.

Good luck, and persavere.


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Perserverance is the key to success, as clearly noted by other members.

There are heaps of good beaches and rock hopping spots all along the Northern Beaches.

Beach Spots: Dee Why, Nth Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Newport, Avalon, Whale and Palm Beach are all good for various species including Bream, Whiting, Jew, Flatties, Trevally and Dart

Baits: Whole pillies on ganged hooks (size 2/0), Slimey Mackerel slabs, yakka slabs, Mullet slabs, Mullet gut, live beach worms, live tube worms and pippies are the best baits for fishing the beaches.

Rock hopping Spots: Whale Beach (The Ovens), Bungan Head Reserve, Long Reef Headland.

baits: live yakkas, live Slimey Mackerel, live Mullet, Live squid, pillies, mullet slabs, red rock crabs, cunjevoi.

Hope this helps

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