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2 More Stonker Bream


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Myself and Luderick luke headed out for an early morning harbour sesh on sunday. Target species: breambos on plastics and blades. This would be my 2nd time using blades. Luke went solo a few days previous and smashed his PB (for the 2nd time in 2 weeks!) at this same location on a blade with a whopping 45cm bream, so we were hoping for some more good action.

(report here: http://fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=43434)

We were so organised we actually had to kill some time before getting on the water because the sun wasn't up yet. In hindsight, we could have thrown the blades around as (I was about to find out) it's not entirely necessary to be able to see the line.

We embarked from the ramp at first light. On goes the trustworthy gulp shrimp (that I can't get away from no matter how hard I try) and we hit everything that floated in the area around the boat ramp. The first 20 or so casts I was blind striking after 5 seconds because I still couldn't see the line, to no avail. Once we could see what we were doing things became a bit easier and Luke was quickly onto the first bream of the day around 26cm, and a couple of flattys. One was a very nice 50cm. Typical Luke - 3 fish before I've even gotten a touch! I finally get my touch (or should I say smack) as my line twitches a mighty twitch and I quickly strike to feel some good weight. After a brief but spirited battle in comes a nice 33cm breambo, and I belt out a big Woohoo! Just 1cm under my PB on lures.

Things were slow for a bit untill Luke get's busted up instantaneously on the moring line of one of the boats. Interestingly his gulp landed a few seconds after mine, 2ft to the side along the boat, and he got the strike - illustrating the importance of getting that lure as close to the fish as possible.

After that we moved from the boats and hit more open water. Time to give those fandangled blades a go. Oh, crap... I forgot mine. Luckily Luke has one more and he kindly entrusts it to me for the day. As I'm tying mine on, Luke flicks his under a jetty and his reel starts screaming. Calling it for a big flatty, he soon finds out it's ANOTHER stonker bream! An oppurtunity for a photo, that was not possible for the last one, was keenly taken. This one measured 44cm.


I get mine on and have a few flicks, and Luke says "So when are you gonna get one of these 40+ bream"?. I told him "When you're not around mate"! Luckily he was a good 20 metres away from where I was flicking and I got my chance. Smack, Bang and I'm on to a big bucking horse of a fish. After some big runs, I get her in close and see that big broad silver shape emerge from the murky water. The first attempt at netting was doomed to failure and she darts away leaving my heart in my mouth. The 2nd attempt was awkward too and she almost got away again with a few final bucks on the edge of my net, but I adjust accordingly and she flops in with me belting out a much bigger and louder WOOOOHOOOO!!!! :yahoo:

I obliterated my old record by a full 10cm as she measures up the same as Lukes at 44. It was great seeing such a beautiful fish happily swim away.


We continued fishing with blades for a bit. Luke turned up a couple of whiting and I stirred up some pint sized flattys. We both went home thoroughly satisfied.

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Awesome fishing guys! Well done on your terrific PB, YF!! That sized bream would really test your line, knots & even rod! Terrific result!

I must give the blades another go - any specific colour work better for you??? Last thing I caught on a blade was a bloke walking on the Forster Bridge! :( Gee those things cast like bullets!!



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I must give the blades another go - any specific colour work better for you???

The one I was using was a light pumpkinseedy colour. I've fished with them only 3 other times (short sessions) with the green and gold TTs and this horrible looking purple one (that I only got because I confused the name when I ordered it online) and haven't gotten a touch on them yet. Too early to tell whether that's suggestive of anything, but I'm sure I'll find out over summer :biggrin2:

Thanks for the comments everyone!

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