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Power Trim And Tilt


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Is this a new motor or second hand.

If new , check the price of other brands if for no other reason than to have a comparison to work from.

If second hand , then $1500 may be correct as retro fitting can be expensive , but shop around , perhaps you can find a second hand unit.

Is it worth it ?? , there are a number of factors come into the decision , if the boat has forward controls & the buget will allow , just to name two , then I would spend the money.

Lifting a 40hp into shallow drive of out of the water when approaching a beach etc can be difficult , especially if by youself or with the family as it requires a fair bit of mussel


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Hi, I agree with Geoff, if new, buy an engine that comes STD with P/T/T like the Merc or Yamaha and the difference between the 3 cylinder (have to remember that Suzuki is a 2 cylinder "built to a price") 40HP Merc with and without trim is alot less than $1,500. From the Suzuki price list I have they do not do a P/T/T version of a 40HP so it must be an aftermarket add-on and not at all ideal. As mentioned get a brand that comes factory fitted with trim.

PM me for the Raider price and I have done a bulk buy of Evinrudes at reduced prices so a clean, fuel efficinet, powerful and quit engine might not be out of budget for you either.



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