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Port Hacking 12-10=09

Basil D

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went out with the family today, launched from wallys warf, nice n quite not much traffic.

fished for about 3 hours, My wife :wife: was getting a bit sea sick, gave her a tablet, it helped but not much, caught loads of Flathead, many undersize, they went back in to fight another day, kept a few.

went to the Bait grounds and got 10 yellow tail, my Husky loves them.

great day on the water and want to get back out asap.

as you can see, my older son cant wait to get back on the water as well(to sleep that is)





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you know what I cant wait for the summer nights, all night fishing, I have the gas bbq on board, coffee perculator, drinks, and more.

its good to on the water with a Boat that has so much room.

and I cant wait for our summer vacation, were off to seal rocks and hawks nest jan 2cnd to jan 18th, should be fun.

Trolling for hours :beersmile:

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Yeah ... nice Bro, but where do I sleep??????????

Right next to where my pillow will be!! :P (Well you can use my pillow too, have no intentions on sleeping especially when there is a coffee machine on board!!) Bring on summer nights!! :sun::fishing1:

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Hi Groper

Try fishing in about 100ft of water and the flatheads should get bigger, straight out from where you were in the first and second picture.. Cronulla is my local grounds.

regards Kit

Mate your a champion any time you wanna come along let me know :beersmile:

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Mate where is the bait grounds off cronulla,for bigger flathead go towards the reefs, 30m I look you cheers Hosko.

Hi Hosko64, there are many bait grounds around that area, which reef from which bate grounds.

you mean 30 mtrs out and I look you! you mean you will look for me! Im not sure what your trying to say.

regards Groper

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