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Quick Flick At Dobroyd Point


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Hi Raiders,

After a 8-8 marathon at work today, decided to go for a quick flick with the new Ecogear zx30 i got over the weekend. Stopped by the rowing club at Dobroyd Point and was playing around with my retrievals, when all of a sudden BLAM!! My lure gets smashed and my new Stradic c14 started to SCREAMM!!! Couldn't believe how much power this fish had! after a couple of minutes it turns out to be a ripper of a whiting at 41cm!

Unfortunately no pics as it was really dark and my phone camera has no flash - but the fish was happily returned back to the water.

All in all very pleased with my first $20 lure ( worth every penny ) and considering I could only manage whiting up to 30cm with live nippers over the weekend, I am a very happy man at the moment.!

Spent about an hour all up fishing, couple of small hits but no other fish.

Also would like to say my new setup ( recommended by the fishraider memberes ) is awesome!

Stradic C14 2500, Pflugger president 2 piece and some 6lb fireline and 8lb vanish leader is dynamite!

Hope to get out there again soon!

Shinobu ( Austin )

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Sounds like a dream start with a winning combo. Congrats on the fish, nothing better that getting a new PB, i've had 3 in the last 2 days, so i know how you feel.

I really love my CI4. It's so much nicer to fish with than the Sedona i bought late last year.

Great value for money, and excellent versatility.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Yes i do believe I have the bug.. i even went back again last night for 30mins and added a 30cm flatty to the tally!

This lure is AMAZING!


Hope this streak continues for me, haven't caught fish like these for ages.! esp in my local area!

Shinobu ( Austin )

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