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No Kingies But A Decent Consolation!


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Fished for kingies off Sydney Heads today with a mate. Didn't get any live baits as we intended on jigging - given previous reports that this had been successful recently.

We started around 6am, but no kingies were to be found in the first two hours of searching and jigging our butts off, but we managed 4 good bonnies on light spinning gear when we saw them busting the surface. These were put on ice for either bait or sushimi.

We then moved to another spot to do the FDS (Flathead Drift of Shame) - just to score a feed prior to the tide change when we intended on resuming our jigging.

This was fantastic and in about 1.5hrs we landed 11 good Sand Flatties to 55cm. :biggrin2:

This is when things got really interesting.

We had been using Bonnito Fillets for bait for the whole 1.5hrs and throwing the carcases overboard once filleted.

There were a bunch of mutton birds sitting behind the boat and I was watching one of them as my bait sunk to the bottom when I saw something I have been seen before - Mr Mako....

I was really surprised as we were only about 2kms off the coast in around 35m of water at the time.

Anyway, out came the 15kg rod and I put on a self made wire trace and MASSIVE hook and attached a big chunk of bonito. The birds were then competing with the shark to get the bait and were really getting in the way. So we pulled off the piece of Bonito flesh and used the head. This sunk beautifully and was taken in about 30sec. When everything came up tight it was a great feeling on board.

The fish made two jumps one about 3ft but one cracker of around 6ft. We thought it had thrown the hook at one stage but thankfully not.

The fight only lasted around 10mins (my mate was actually on the rod, but that didn't bother me as it was a group effort to land and tail loop).

It weighed in at around 14kg and is currently being prepared for dinner....... :yahoo:

First mako and biggest fish caught on my boat so far - only had it for a year.

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Their great eating fish while small like that one. I don't have to tell you how well they fight as you now have first hand Knowledge!

I have a freezer full of Bonito's from our last outing a couple of weeks ago as the schools are everywhere at the moment.

Regards Jeff

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That line of the FDS is gold.

Although If i tried it and failed, it would double the insult of not getting any kings. And it would be bound to happen with me.

Nice work on the mako, although they don't jump as high as the sea gulls or mutton birds if you hook them up....

nice post mate. well done.

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