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Good Idea Or Bad Idea?


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hey all

ive probably posted enough questions regarding kayaks and kayak related issues over the last year but i got one more for ya!...

so ive been trolling the f### out of middle harbour with a whole range of hardbodies. Recently added a 12cm Rapala XRap Salt Glass Ghost and a 12cm Halco King Brown Laser Pro to my collection. All i ever seem to collect are salmon and today... smelly old pikes!

so the new plan is to collect 3 or 4 small yaka, paddle out deep, pin one through the nose with a size 6.0 octopus hook with a bout 10m of free line and let him swim around unweighted.

Problem is... my kayak is a sit in, with limited room in the cock pit after i load up 2 rods, lure box, bag of plastics and a net.

Do you think... having 4 yakas in a keepers net hanging over board will deter kings from striking my rigged yaka?

AND... would it perhaps attract the attention of some bigger undesirables such as bull sharks?

I know its not good form to bleed a fish on a kayak for the above stated reason.

Ive got about 60L of sealed off storage space in the back of my kayak. I could rig up a livie tank to put in there, it would just be real difficult to catch a slippery yaka whilst not falling out of the kayak as it is almost an arms reach away.

Thoughts or past experiences appreciated

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I've never set foot on a yak so feel free to bruch my comments. I'm guessing you are just goona drift your yakka or mark time....if so, you could rig up a bucket with holes drilled in it to soak your yakka's whilst you await your stike...obviously this would not be an option if you wanted to move your yak aroundor downrigit I guess given it would create a massive amount of drag...not sure how long yakka's would last in a keeper net.... in the boat we just use a bucket with a opening about 25 cm wide and 25 cm deep...

Actually I think Roberta had a shot of her livie well she rigged for a comp earlier in the year, maybe pm her too?

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G'day mate - i fish out of a kayak and use a bait tube made out of drainage pipe with a heap of holes drilled through. If you do a search of the net you may find other sites with a more detailed set of instructions...

If you are worried about sharks, make sure you tie it off using something that will break easily, but with yakkas, I wouldnt think you would have a big risk. As you said, its bleeding fish that might cause problems!

However, if I were you, I would spend a bit of time trying to catch a live squid or 2, then fish either live or fresh strips in the well known kingy haunts in middle harbour (pm me if you need a couple for starters...) It can help if you have a leash to tie the kayak off against a mooring bobber in some of these spots. Dont necessarily worry about keeping the squid alive in the yak, live is best, but fresh strips or (even better) guts still work well. This might help if you are short of room!

If you are fishing mornings, think about trying for squid early from land and then launching once you have your bait at dawn.

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hey thanks for the replies

yeah im planning on catching the yakas at a wharf, then paddling out and fishing for kings on the drift whilst flicking a plastic with a lighter rod. so i think this bait tube idea will work as im not too worried about the drag cos i dont go that far out from where i launch.

I dont get why the yakas would last longer in the bait tube over the keepers net tho??? less restrictions on their body movements i guess?

as for down rigging... my kayak is pretty simple haha havent got anything shcmicko like that on it.

cheers for the ideas guys

crig - esky (or blow up kiddie pool)with a pump is what i usually use for rock fishing days but yeah it would have to go in the back of the yak and wouldnt be that accessible.

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thanks mate

i bought some DN90 drainage pipe as the DN100 stuff only comes in sewer grade and is super thick and heavy

will knock something up tomoro night

was speaking to another fisho in the office and he rekons the yakka wont last long in the keepers net cos the slime will come off em.

so that explains that!

probs wont be going near down riggers any time soon, i have many other milestones to complete before im up to that.

im usually a skinny water, one rod and a bag of plastics type of guy.

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