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Evan Spary

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G'Day Andrew

We hope to eventually, the other products like Gekkabijins, 200BB, lures etc are what we refer to as non catalogue items. Items which are a limited release in Australia and may not always be readily available.


Looks alright.

Are the rest of the Tournament range of reels and the rods going to be put on there?



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Keep an eye out on the site over the next few months were we will put up 'news' bubbles on HL-Z's, Battlers and other limited release products.


No worries. It'd be good to see the Battlers and HL-Z's up there, it'd be easier to get an idea what they're like if they can be easily compare to the common rods.


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Hopefully around the 3rd week of June. Sorry, i know it keeps getting later but they will be worth the wait. :biggrin2:


Hi Evan,

Nice t'see the Daiwa site up and running, any more news on the Battler Limited arrivals???



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