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St Georges Basin


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Havent posted a fishing report for quite awhile so here goes.Went down to Sussex Inlet for a few days from Saturday.

Didnt have the best start to find my Shimano jewel missing from the pro angler on arrival.Must of flown out on the way

down not impressed.

The wind gods were not kind the noreaster was howling had a quick throw sat evening for a donut wasnt looking good.

Sun morning same as Sat wind blew all night had to change plans and drove back to the basin to find a small lagoon

i have fished before and could get the wind behind my back.Got one stonker whiting and a mullet on nw pencil.Saw a

few whiting as the whole place is lucky to be no deeper than waste deep.Decided to return later on and give some poppers

ago as i cant catch a thing on them.

Fished for 1 hr and nothing so went back to the pencil.First cast a 52cm flatty and to prove it was no fluke 4 more in

the mid 40s and a smallish bream.Must make mental note dont bother with poppers.

Bouyed by this success was planning a triumphal return the next day but another wind change made me change plans.Big

southerly change overnight so went into the basin proper you can walk out 300 yards and its waste deep.Second cast a big

hit and long fight to reveal a 35cm blackfish amazing what these pencils can catch.Preceded to catch another 3 good whiting

and 4 bream was an amazing session.

That night the heavens opened up and didnt stop so we pulled the plug and came home.By the way all fish released to fight

another day.Just hope i can post the pictures up.

cheers.....Roypost-9727-021827700 1288773123_thumb.jpg

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Nice work Roy, Blackie on a surface lure???? Your a freak!!!!! :1yikes:

Did you have a crack at the Maria pencils again?

Mick :beersmile:

No havent had a crack with the marias again.Be taking the split rings off soon.But will

get them wet again.They have to work look the goods.


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