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V Solid Bream

The Poacher

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Hi Raiders,

Had promised to take my long lost cousin and his son fishing. So when he turned up at 10 o'clock on a rainy Saturday I wasn't that hopeful. Anyway, I found a kilo of quality prawns just delivered to the local bait shop, and so things looked up. Hit the water for the first time after a long winter of kids sport/no fishing and it felt great. Went up to Paddys Channel and drifted the last of the run in for very little. Given the tide had nearly stopped I decided to run straight up to the Rip Bridge for the change. First bait down got slammed and the fish took a stack of line. I thought this must nearly be a school jew, but then it turned and we gained a bit of line. Given my cousins son had not caught a fish before, he was really calm and did well not to panic. Anyway, up comes a thumping bream right on midday. After this the tide started to run out, so tried a few other spots for a collection of whiting and flathead. Still ended up being a good day, and we didn't get too wet.

That was 3 weeks ago (I just figured out how to get the photos off my phone) and I heard on the radio today that there are some very good bream in the system at the moment. So if you ever wanted to catch a 4 lb bream, now could be the time.

Good luck,

The Poacher. post-5073-077175600 1288997907_thumb.jpgpost-5073-077059600 1288997841_thumb.jpg

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I think it's very unfair that your cousin's son hadn't caught a fish before and then gets a thumper like that! I'm extremely jealous! :(

It was certainly worth braving the rain for a cracker bream, whiting and flathead. :thumbup:



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Gotta love beginners luck! Thats a stonker bream.... nice and thick shouldered... Woulda given some curry to a first timer.

Sounds like a great day, there are some great spots up Brissy Waters as long as you have a boat... Seen plenty of good flatties and school jew brought up from Paddy's... its a top spot... the oyster racks can be another good spot for big Bream around this time of year.

Tight lines



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