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Wacko Looking For Boaties!


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Hi guys,

I am currently boatless at the moment and it looks like it will be a while until the new one arrives......so in the meantime, I would love the opportunity to fish out of fellow 'Raider's boats.

I know my way around all types of craft.

Have copious amount of the very best fishing gear.

Always willing to share in costs for the day out.

Will travel to meet at ramps, marinas etc

I am happy to share information/techniques on basically anything you would like to fish for in and around the Sydney metro area. :)

These include activities like:

- Squidding

- Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Jewfish Luring.

- Kingy and Jewfish Live Baiting

- Kingy Downrigging

- Jigging

- Snapper on Plastics

- Yellowfin, Marlin and Game fishing

- You name it! I'm up for it. :)

Preferred Days are Wednesdays and Sundays.

You can contact me via PM if you wanna have a fish!



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Thankyou to everyone who has offered me a ride and a fish! You guys are champions!!!

I have been extremely busy with work over the xmas break!......Managing retail stores this time of year is 'off the hook' busy! :wacko:

.......the good news is.... I again have some days off...so we can do Wednesdays and most sundays.

just send me a Pm and we can arrange something!

Thanks again guys, and you are all welcome to come fish with me when my new boat arrives!


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hey wacko just finishd decking out my boat mate we have met before at the shop at auburn

ur days off r the same as mine would love to swap jewie stories with u mate and where r u

working now i need to purchase a couple of daiwa monster mesh rods maybe we can kill two

birds with one stone?

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