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Jervis Bay From The Boat


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about 30% of jervis bay is no go for fishing.there are plenty of maps at huskisson that will show you where u can and can't fish.near huskisson there is a boat ramp located on currambene creek which is absolutly pristine.another boat ramp that gets u alot closer to the heads is murreys boat ramp but u will have to pay $15 to get into national park.most popular spots are plantation point(well protected in bay)and the famous 'tubes'(no ancoring too close).trolling along the cliff under the lighthouse can be 1st class(average water depth 35m).drum and drumsticks are very good to in calm conditions.st georges basin is also an excellent fishing spot since the pro fishers left and is only 6mins from JB

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we were down there this time last year. the creek was good for crabs, and the northern entrance cliffs good for trolling up sambos, tailor and the odd king. the drift across the middle was ok for flatties.

good luck

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