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Hawkesbury Today


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Gday Raiders

With the good tides this morn, decided to try the Hawkesbury for bream. Started at the bridges at sparrows - not much. Lots of undersize bream, couple of undersize flatties and those pains in the ass - catfish. Gave it away after an hour of so and went to Marlow. Similar result - undersized bream and catfish. Managed 1 small tailor.

Then went to Bar Point reef. Put the Tailor over on a big handline.

Still tried for bream, then suddenly the Bream started. Got a couple of good hits, and landed a good one.

After several more, the bream rod went crazy - and I landed this nice jew - not too bad for the middle of the day and on 3 kg gear with a small hook - took abt 25 minutes to get it in.

Let the tailor go (he was still swimming)and came home as it was starting to get busy - think lots of early starters for the fishing comp.



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