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Tilsan Minnows?


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G'Day all, Jimmy from NQ here

Was passing through my local fishing store today and noticed a big display of Tilsan Minnows on sale. They were awesomely priced and figured I will give them to all my young nieces and nephews for xmas present and also keep a few myself. I ended up buyin the whole display, I could resist. They were clearing them out because they were discontinued I think. $13.50 down to $8. So I bought all 40 of them, They are in a stack of colours and slightly different to the Tilsan Bass apparently (diff depth and slight chubbier). They gave them to me for $7 each cos i bought the whole damn lot... anyway would love to hear of anyone having success on these and are they good or what. Figured i could use them for flatty, bass, sootys and jack up here??

Love to hear you advice ,

cheers hey


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not so good mate those tilsan

i have one and havn't relaly goten much on it

attack minnows , goes down to 2m+

but once my sounder saying 3m and it was hitting weed so it must be at least 2.5

these u would have to get it off the net, tight action, hand crafted, my fav is pink body purple top

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G'day Jimmy,

Tilsan's are great lures for your part of the world. Are they Tilsan 'Barra' lures (their bigger model)?

They're well made and come with good hardware. Jacks love them... I caught plenty up on Cape York where they're one of my go-to lures... It'll take you a lifetime to go through that many (or one good Jack session in a really snaggy creek )

Great buy. :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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