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Rocket Launcher

Catchin Jack

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Hi Raiders,

Firstly a big THANK YOU to Gary from Seriously Stainless for helping me out and finding an old rocket launcher for me, you're a legend mate!

Well the rain stopped and I dragged a mate over to help me fitting the rocket launcher, we had to take 100mm off the width and fitted the mounts for it, then I realised the windscreen hadn't been fitted correctly and was further over on one side than the other so after some adjustments we fixed it and mounted the launcher.

All I have to do now is mount my LED anchor light up top of it and secure my LED strip light (damn it's bright) so I can see inside the boat at night. I'm slowly changing all my lighting over to LED. Also going to add 2 more rod holders to it eventually.

Still have to run all the wiring but still unsure if i'll run it internally or externally through the tubing. Also went got a new 6 switch panel as my other one is on its way out, I ended up getting one that is circuit breakers instead of fuses, a press of a button and it resets.

Here's 2 pictures I took of it haha. One day i'll afford a new stainless one Gary.

post-10101-085408700 1289885456_thumb.jpg post-10101-085381500 1289885458_thumb.jpg

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glad to see you finaly got it up leo and for all the raiders wondering why its so high leo is not the shortest bloke i have ever met :biggrin2: i would run the wireing inside the frame just be carfull off bures on the inside from drilling acsess holes cheers gary

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