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Barramundi Electrofishing


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I work as an aquatic ecologist and a large part of my role is monitoring freshwater fish populations. A method we use is electrofishing. We have a boat, set up with a generator, transfor box, anodes out the front which delivers the charge and the hull of the boat is wired as a cathode to complete the circuit. We put upto 500volts in the water and upto 8 amps of current and it temporarily stuns every fish within a 5m diameter of the the boat and upto 2 meters depth. Its stuns them for a minute or 2, which gives us enough time to measure, weight and tag them. Then we write reports on management strategies and best practice to help keep the fishery sustainable. Here is the latest barra we caught...128cm and approx 30kg's

post-16358-072064200 1289889124_thumb.jpg

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Woohoo!! Now THAT is a barra!!! Tony/Slinky said that someone had done an electrofishing 'study' into some of the bays at Monduran & the count for one bay alone was something like 400 barra!!

Shame we couldn't find them last week!! :wacko:


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