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Steering Lubrication Ideas


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Hi there,

I have had the boat in the garage over the winter months and have attempted to do the right thing however obviously not enough and i had to replace the steering cable on my Brooker, the grease i was using seemed to dry out on the inner cable and don't want to go through that again.

I was after some ideas on what grease would best suit my needs, i have had a look out there and there are so many types to choose from.

Any ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated as the kids want to get out on the water.



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another vote for lanox or inox.

Inox if u need plain old lubrication which can withstand the elements and saltwater better than most popular lubricant sprays, Lanox if u want a thicker longer lasting protective coating layer. For parts which are submergable or always being sprayed both will need regular applying, but lanox seems to be the thicker of the two, both are at top of the class for marine applications as mentioned!


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