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No Bonnie For My Girlfriend.


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My girlfriend was really keen to learn how to fish and catch bonitos off the rocks. She asked me over the month to go, but i always had work to do and i never had time. And finally, i had time today to go fishing. We wanted to catch tailor at night, so we went to fish around 3am, but the weather was pretty bad. It started to rain heavily and we heard what seems to be a landslide. With no fish in sight we planned to go back to the car and sleep till the morning and see what happens from there.

After 8.30am tide is going down, but it is so raining. We decided to give another go at the rocks to see if we could get some bonnies. I was teaching my girlfriend how to set the rod up how to cast and etc, but the whole day we did not catch one bonnie at all. Around 12pm our luck turned., i started to get my first trevally, and it was a quite decent size first too. Then a few minutes later my girlfriend hooked up as well and the best thing is hers was almost as big as mine.

Throughout the day we kept catching trevs ranging from 33-37cm! It was really fun despite the fact that we were sunburn. it was her best fishing trip ever. We also landed a salmon together. it was a team effort.

here is a photo of the trev we caught!post-15091-019341800 1289918953_thumb.jpg

post-15091-049533000 1289919017_thumb.jpg and another one.

We didnt take the picture of the salmon because we released it and forgot the take a picture.I do not really like the taste of salmon and releasing it to fight another day was just a win win situation.

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G/W on the Trevs mate, although I dont eat em I sure like their spirited fights, the go hard and straight for the structure! :thumbup:

... Nice to see a female angler getting into a few... I wish my Mrs was into fishing these days... sadly though that was a thing of the past... Oh well... thats fishing :biggrin2: \

Tight lines always



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