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Hi Raiders, does anyone know about all the traps which are set along the rocks past Patonga around the headland to Pearl Beach, there's also a couple near Lion Island and more around the rocks from Pearl beach to Ettalong. These buoys are small without ID and are always there. We had a look at a couple last outing and the ropes are covered in slime. A couple we seen are newer ones and are black without ID, looks like someone hopes they wont be seen. If these are illegal why haven't fisheries or MSB removed them as they have been there for years.

Regards Jeff

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Got the same prob down south mate, Most of fish traps down here have LFB and number stamped onto floats but i have noticed alot of traps close to the shore have nothing on them and they too use small black floats. Im guessing that traps that close to the shore are cray pots, have a chat to fisheries about it.


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most of the pots set close to the rocks this time of the year (july- december)are for crays and should have ID. The professionals pay good money for the licenses and there are hefty fines if ID is not displayed. Another thing to keep in mind if you get caught lifting pots you to can get fined very heavily so best to call fisheries and let them do what they get paid to do.

regards Bucko

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