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Chocolate Milkshake?


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So...I'm well and truly over all this rain we have been having up here (another 110mls just yesterday!). Everyday I drive across the river it is dirty like a chocolate milkshake. I'm so keen for a fish, but options arent ideal at the moment. Dont have a boat, so cant escape the plume by heading out wide. Cant really "target" barra the moment, even though they like this flow, lots of water in the dams submerging the good lillys that were once prevalent. So...where do you guys fish when the river is less than optimal, when it is dirty. Is there any salvation where I might be able to land a few. Doesnt have to be Mackay specific, just a general idea of what you guys do would be great!!

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Same down this way, about to get worse again up the North Coast again! More flooding predicted up Coffs-Northern RIvers way, I think!

Good luck in finding somewhere else to fish!

I went to Gloucester last weekend & the Gloucester River & the Manning River on the way back thru WIngham were both in flood with lots of debris scattered around & it will be weeks before they are 'fishable' I reckon! When they ARE fishable, the snags will be in different places, too!! ;)

Debris on the road that has been breached by cars

post-2231-095498400 1290149520_thumb.jpg

Downstream Manning River in flood - can't load this pic for some reason! It is on my Bass Post made today.

Be Patient, Grasshopper!! Good things come to those who wait!!


Catch a barra or two for me!! :fisher:

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Hi Jimmy10, I spent last Christmas chasing barra in the impoundments (see my gallery for photos of barra caught in Teemburra) and found some of the best sessions were during the rain, although I was in a boat. I assume the water levels are up in the impoundments? Fishing the edges of the impoundments might be an option as the Barra and Sooties move into the recently flooded vegetation to feed.

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Thankyou both for your useful tips and hints. In the last 24hrs since i made that post, we have had another 170mls. I cant believe it, it is depressing, im over the rain hey. Yeh i think the dams might be the only option at the moment mate.. there will be a lot of water between the fish tho haha. Oh well guna give it a crack tomorow regardless... cheers

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