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My First Kingie!


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Started out from kurnell boat ramp at 06.30AM Sat Morning 20/11. Headed out to the heads for a troll, within less than 2 minuets my 2 mates Ian and Macca had a double hook up, Ian pulled in a 58CM Salmon and Macca pulled in a 63CM Kingie!! I couldn't believe my eyes, I have been waiting to pop my kingie cherrie for so long and now there was one in my boat, only problem is it didnt catch it! Being undersized we put the little fella back in the water but kept the Salmon :biggrin2:

Right I thought, now is as good a time as any to try and get my first Kingie, so I took over the rod. A few minuets on and........... Whack the fight was on! My friend Ian reeled in a Bonito, as we got a double hook up again, I thought maybe I had a bonito too but keeping my hopes up I continued to reel in. Then when mine turned into a bit of a fight, I knew this just wasn't the usual Bonito I am used to catching! Sure enough it was a kingie!! At last I get to put this on my list of fish that I have caught, it has only taken me 2 years to get one. Unfortunately it was only 58CM so he went back in the water too.

2 more Bonito on the troll then we decided to try a little driffting, picked up a 53CM, 50CM & 38CM Flattie that we kept and a few smaller which all went back in the water

All in all what a great day on the bay and we couldn't have asked for the weather to be any better!! :biggrin2:

Hope you like the pictures, see attached a picture of what we believe is a shovel nose shark, Ian hooked him up, at first we thought it maybe a monster Flattie! :074: the little shark also went back in unhurt.post-15027-070916100 1290389905_thumb.jpgpost-15027-022944500 1290389927_thumb.jpgpost-15027-035529300 1290389940_thumb.jpgpost-15027-011325500 1290389961_thumb.jpg

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Nice one mate ! Kings are so much fun :) I hooked up to kingie trolling a xmas tree lure yesterday in the bay, it looked around 70cm but when it seen the boat it made one more run to the bottom and snapped me off, i was only using 4lb line :(

What lures were you trolling ?

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Thanks, I was well chuffed

Yea hopefully next time I will be posting some pictures of some keepers!!

I was using a Halco Laser pro 120 (blue) 1-2 M diver, this only seemed to attracke the salmon and bonito. The kingie were both caught on a Storm 120 (lighter blue with a silver strip up both sides) I think this lure is made by Rapala although sorry but I am not 100% sure. This was also a shallow diver 1.2 M.

Sorry to hear you missed out on the kingie cut_loose, fingers crossed for you next time. Lets hope it's a good summer in the bay for the kingie :biggrin2:

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hey mate,

great sesh.

I havent caught my first kingie yet and hope to end up like u very soon.

Also, i thought that fish looked more like a banjo shark.

Shovelnose sharks have very pointy noses.


Thanks mate, we were a little unsure to what it may be.

Good luck going after the kingie mate:thumbup:

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