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Monstor Flathead


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g'day raiders, went out for a fish in berowra creek on saturday morning, we got to the ramp by 5:30 and it was looking to be a beautifull morning with not a drop of breeze or rain in sight.

so we headed up the creek to our good old faithfull spot that fires all the time we go there. so we baited up and within seconds the rod goes off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 10 minutes later it was a massive stingray which took a full pillie. soo after all that comotion of thinking it was a jewie, we baited up again and burlied very heavily. we were getting soapie after soapie, all around the 15-20cm mark, they were everywere. then i start geting a bite, it was only the tiniets of bites, soo i gave him a bit of slack line and withing in no time at all the line started moving under the boat, so i struck the hook and i was on, we didnt think it was much as we had been catching pike eels and stingrays and all that rubbish shit, so we play the fish up and we see a flash and my old mann goes HOLY SHIT!!!! thats a crocodile, he saw the boat and wasnt very happy soo he took off again, we then got him back up and he wasnt going to fit in the net soo i got the gaff ready, he opened his mouth at the perfect time and i gaffed him in the bottom lip. we got her into the boat and everyone was exstatic, we we all soo happy and excited to catch a fish of that size, he measured 98cm and 6.5 kilos. soo overall we ended up with 4 keeper lizards and a 60cm jewie. but a top day anyway.

hope u enjoy the pics raiders.

post-16519-070225300 1290408072_thumb.jpg

post-16519-002210800 1290408205_thumb.jpg

post-16519-048795300 1290408239_thumb.jpg

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:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

98cm is an absolute ripper .....cant believe it was only 6.5 kilo.....a fish of that length could easily weigh 8kg......she looks a bit thin in the tail but what a beauty...

Just a tip with those big girls....its always good to give them plenty of support when lifting them....they are a heavy unit and it can only help to get them with 2 hands....I also always weigh mine in the environet and subtract the net weight that way they are are fully supported .....

Congrats and well done for letting her swim.... an absolute cracking fish

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