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Gold Coast Broadwater


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The invasion of Schoolies on the Gold Coast has seen the migration north of at least one Fishraider.

Browney1 is on the Gold Coast for a few days and got in touch to see if we could grab some water time... So I met him outside his hotel in Surfer's Paradise before heading to the nearby boatramp.

We only had an hour or two between me finishing work and dark but we scooted out the the rock walls inside the Seaway armed with a couple of plastics outfits. I'd respooled one of my reels the night before and sure enough, had made the beginners mistake of overfilling the spool with braid. Scratch my Jack outfit for a while until I could remove the bunch of grapes in the line.

On about my 3rd cast with my lighter outfit, I pinned a nice bream of around 31cm. It took a 2" Atomic Prong and had me calling it for a Jack as it bolted for the rocks. A quick photo and back in the water.

post-6175-032126300 1291027067_thumb.jpg

We worked over the rock walls for nothing more for a while until I hooked a nice Flattie of around 50ish... it hit my plastic as soon as it touched down, then hit it again, then again, until it finally hooked up. Not solidly enough. It spat the lure at the net. Oh well.

I was keen to get Brownie onto a fish so we worked over a number of spots until just on last light I took us over to a barge that I'd always thought looked good... old, cruddy and a bottom chocka with weed.

Sure enough after working over the barge for a few minutes, Brownie hooked into a neat bream of around 25cm.

post-6175-078922700 1291027068_thumb.jpg

Not a great haul but a nice way to kick back after work.

After dropping B1 back at the hotel I passed a group of Schoolies, schooling around a very sorry looking blonde in a white party dress... tossing her cookies into the gutter... at 7.30 in the evening. It's going to be a long week on the Gold Coast for some people.

Stay safe, B1.

Cheers, Slinky

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It took a 2" Atomic Prong and had me calling it for a Jack as it bolted for the rocks.

Cheers, Slinky

:074: You've got Jack fever, Slink :biggrin2:

Hope you're having a great time Browney. Sounds like you both had an enjoyable session, especially considering how brief it was. :thumbup:



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On ya! guys,

On ya! Browney, see there's more to the goldie than getin on the cans.

See parents nothing to worry about as long as we raise our kids to love fishing above temptation..........? then again that was in daylight hours........?

Browney probably had a shower n went n got totaly messy.


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