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Well, the story i got was.... so named because the first bloke who caught one was a Sgt Baker on the Endeavour. Once again after being told that its only good for soup, too many bones and what do you wanna keep that :ranting2: for? I kept one :074:

Bugga me, the bone thing is right. Three lines of them beginning at the head and running along the lateral line and branching out either side of the line, not running the full length of the fish. I then cut a bit of the flesh off the bone that was left after the fillet and i now rate this as one of the best sashimi fishes i have ever eaten IMHO i would pass it nearly equal to tuna. An extremely flavoursome pinkish white flesh that melts in the mouth as tuna does and leaves a nice aftertaste.

What next? because the flesh is so good it aint going into no soup! I then pull out the tweezers and pin bone the fish ALL 110 of them 55 a fillet :yahoo: Now i have to wait till tomoz to cook them up!

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Another to be added to the list of not to through back. After tonights dinner simply done in flour and shallow fry in oil salt and pepper too easy, now rate it better than flatties, snapper and i could name a few others too! the pin boning was all worth it and will definately do it again :thumbup:

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