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Longy 12/12


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Hi raiders,

Went out off longy on my kayak on sunday morning. There were heaps of bonito (thought I bagged out but miscounted) the biggest was 55cm and 1.5kg. There were lots of schools on the sounder, with two double hookups. Also got a 47cm trevor, a jacket and 3.7kg 80cm trag. When I brought it in the whole schoool followed it up! All fish except the jacket were caught on hardbody lures.



post-12802-046498200 1292313865_thumb.jpg

post-12802-035474900 1292313873_thumb.jpg

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Nice tailor mate!! What a cracker!

Trag look like Jewies...except they are smaller(comparitive size to jew) and have a very yellow mouth on the inside.

The Jewfish's tail is Convex and the Trag's is Concave (Good way to tell between the two species)

Either way mate....great fish!


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