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Braid To Leader Knots

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, I posed myself a question this morning about my braid to leader knot, I use an improved albright for all my general purpose fishing..

I rigged my son up a rod and reel this morning for him to go and have a local jetty bash, it was my old shimano sahara, anyway I have not used it for a while and the albright was as strong as ever when I tested it..

So do these knots stay solid or should we re-tie each time we go for a fish, from what I tested this morning I think they stay as good as the day you tie them..

I do stress that this is only for light stuff and I do know that the big time fishing gurus do re-tie each time they head out..

Would love to hear your Raider thoughts on this..

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Ray, i used the improved albright also and i retie it every time i go fishing... Dont take the risk. Knowing our lucky you will hook up a monster fish only for it to fail at the knot because you didnt retie a new one.

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Personaly i retie all my knots each time i go fishing you never know when that fish of a life time is going to hit you besides it only takes a couple of minutes to retie ,Thats cheap insurance or you risk telling the story of the one that got away. ( A GOOD ANGLER IS A TIGHT ANGLER DONT LEAVE GAPS WITH YOUR FISHING )

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I'm lazy & only do them when they are needed. Not as a matter of recourse.

Could be up to half a dozen trips before I need to retie one cause the leader is too short.

I use the "No Name" knot.

I think the knots hold up well.

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I tie a spiders hitch for bottom bashing then the improved albright for the mono to braid.

With kings and heavier tackle I tie a bimini then the albright.

No fail over many hours and stresses. Just tie it carefully and wet the knot as you tighten it.

Cheers Rowan

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