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Had an action packed session for all the wrong reasons to begin with. It started with the un-forgivable. After an afternoon tinkering with the boat, trying to sort an electrical issue, then attending to the grocery shopping that was texted to me, then cooking dinner, I started in too much of a hurry. I launched the boat, parked the car and jumped in to a splash. The #^*@ing bungs. In a total panic, I managed to get them in, with the back of the boat so low, I had to put my face underwater to find the mark. Thank god the problem I fixed in the arvo included replacing the blown fuse for both the anchor light and the bilge pump. The only consequence for my stupidity was a submerged 2 week old mobile which was in a bag on the floor of the boat.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I missed the tides I wanted to fish on the hawkesbury after getting distracted chasing slimies. Also managed to catch a baby cobia. The thing was no more than 30 cm long and very cute. It was like a new born as it had no fighting instincts what so ever. Ended up in the same spot as last Sunday's jewie and tried working plastics. An otherwise disasterous trip was finally salvaged with my second jew on a plastic, just a wee fish of 55cm. A great way to catch them though.

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Geez mate that could've ended badly. The rushed fishing mission always has a problem of some sort. We have all been there and done that.

Glad to see you got a Jew on plastics. I picked up a Jew at one of my usual spots this week at about 58cm. He took a yak aimed at kings. A few years ago in my boat my mate got a small cobia at grotto point. They are a good looking fish and it seems that there a few about ATM.

Mate I hope it wasn't an iPhone or such - $ ouch. I have one more mission in me next week then I am off the water until holiday madness calms down.


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