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Wooden Spinning Reel


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Hi Guys,

This is currently listed on Ebay.


You can read about it here:

Ebay Listing

Just wondering if anyone's heard of it. It's listed as a collectors item and bidding starts at $1250.00 :1yikes:

Not that I'm intersted in buying it but I've never heard of a wooden spinning reel before and thought I'd ask what you guys think. I think it's just amazing and kinda cool that someone made them :thumbup::thumbup: Evidently there were 1000 manufactured by hand at the rate of a couple a week :thumbup::thumbup:

Any collectors out there?? :1naughty::1naughty:


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You can still buy the Sea Martin, just not the wooden one. They are an interesting reel, never met anyone that actually owned one though.



Some where in collection of old mags I have an article on the seamartin... but you think I can find it now :ranting2:

Anyway Matt you are right they still make them the same as before but not timber.




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Guest bluecod

I know a bloke who lives around Epping and fishes the South coast regularly who uses one of them - ungainly looking things on a rod but they seem to work very well and can cast a fair distance.

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G`day Fellas ,

Yeah , I met a fella up here last year with a Sea Martin reel , also not a wooden one , and it worked magnificently .

From memory , I think he said it was somewhere about 20 odd years old , and luckily , he managed to find another reel at a garage sale a few years back at Bowral ,so he now has a spare for a back up .

Though I gotta say , when I used it for a cast ot two , It was rock solid , and almost no play anywhere .

A bit heavy , felt unbreakable , and also felt like top gear.


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