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Roseville Flathead on plastics


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This is my first post & a chance to share my biggest flathead taken on soft plastics to date. First one (65cm) caught on 6lb line with 8lb leader spinning for bream!

Changed up to 12lb leader for the next one after dark - a fraction under 73cm!

For those playing at home - the lure was Berkley 2" grub in camo colour - 1/12oz jighead. Both lip hooked in the corner of the mouth (lucky considering the light trace first time around).

Both caught spinning from the shore - not far up from the Roseville Bridge in Sydney - last slack hour of the low tide.

post-12244-045716100 1294118110_thumb.jpg

post-12244-011138300 1294118180_thumb.jpg

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Is it safe to eat fish from that area?

I live near by and never fish there because i thought it wasn't safe.



Well done! They are quality fish for where you are fishing.... lots of little guys in rosey but not always easy to pick up some quality fish.

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Nice lizards there man, hopefully gonna hit middle harbour Friday night, maybe try the spit for squid, looks like I might have to head up there if it's quiet.

Any tips from raiders about squid would be nice too, I'm still a squid virgin but they taste too good not to keep trying



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Great couple of lizards, well done.

I've tried Roseville a couple of times this year with no luck, I usually go to the western end of the car park, do you head further up the trail?

Thanks - I'm hopeless with directions, I was a little further up from the carpark between the bridge & the first big bend in the river. Hope that helps!

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