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Georges jew and flatties


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Hit the Georges about 7am to catch the run in and fish some nice sized live poddies I scored yesterday. Picked up a nice little 63cm jew to christen my new T-Curve and then scored numerous flatties, mostly undersized but with a few nice eating size to put on th table tomorrow night for the visitors. Didn't use a lure today as the livies did the trick! Sorry about the crappy photo quality but my underwater camera has some weird settings!

post-4017-077560100 1294292300_thumb.jpg

post-4017-037848400 1294292371_thumb.jpg

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Nice fish mate great way to start the rods career, Hope it means good things to come for you.

Just got a new stella and christened it on a 5lb Nz brown just before christmas, felt good!.


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