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Catch of a lifetime!


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G'day Raiders

Went out for a fish last wednesday out off the northern beaches chasing snappers.

The snapper fishing was very slow to say the least but during our last drift of the day just off Curley rocks we could see a young girl screaming and waving her hands in the air at the top of the rocks. At first we couldn't work out what was going on but just as we got closer we herd "SOMEONES DROWNING!"

Action stations and in with the gear and motors started. A few mins we were where the girl was pointing and out of the corner of my eye I see a hand waving from the top of a wave. In full bay watch style we flew the boat over and grabed the waving arm of a very tired fisho and dragged him aboard!

First thing he says "Man I was 10sec away from giving up, thanks!" :1yikes:

The guy was in the water for around 5 mins and I think very lucky that he was a fit bloke otherwise things could have been very different. Conditions were only 1m swell with small chop, I even had a mate fishing next to us in a BASS BOAT thats how calm.....

So please, if you fish the rocks keep an eye on the water and never do what this fisho was doing and fish alone.....

Well that was my first outing of the year, a real catch of a life time! :yahoo:

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Well done on saving the day, i just hope "full baywatch style" dosent mean you guys were in the old tight red budggy smugglers, the guy had been though enough without that.

Serriously though, that is one very lucky fisho, all to often it seems to turn out the other way. Just hope a few more people take heed.


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Wow what a lucky fisho, lucky GregL (aka the Hoff) was there to save the day....surely if fishing the rocks solo it should be compulsary to wear an inflatable just the same as I now have to if fishing solo from my boat....

On a lighter note, did you get a photo of him with a pair of scissors....fair chance of taking out COTM. :074:

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I too had visions of Greg in a hot red 'man-kini' ... :074:

Well done mate. That bloke was one VERY lucky fisho. It's a thought-provoking incident, particulalry given the relatively calm conditions you described. :1yikes:



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Well done, Greg - he could have just been another statistic! It can happen THAT quick! I was saved once by a lifesaver at Mona Vale Beach - it gives you an appreciation of just how strong Mother Nature can be - you only get one go at it!

He was very lucky that the girl had seen he was in trouble, & that you were close enough to be in the right spot at the right time!

One Lucky Swimmer!


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You guys should make a life savers badge :P like a mentors one

That is funny you should say that :biggrin2:

We were laughing about that and saying that Greg and Stewy would be worthy of one of those when we talked on the phone earlier today. Seriously though, having been the recipient of swordie's CPR that saved my life last year I feel I know how that guy that was plucked from the water feels.

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