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Stewy has just had a call from rickster's wife to let us know that rickster is gravely ill and has been transferred to hospital.

He has been battling cancer for a short while.

Please pray for Rick and his family and know that the doctors and nurses will ensure that he is comfortable and in no pain.

the swordies

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Get Well soon Rick my family has been through it and its not a nice time but we did manage to beat it thanks to the Good people upstairs.

Everyone here have you and your family in their thought's and prayers.

I hope that the good people upstairs and around you can give you the strength you need to get through this.



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So sorry to hear the bad news - hang in there buddy. You have all of Fishraider on the lookout for both you & Robyn, Rick - hope you are out of trouble & back terrorising those blackies again soon.

Roberta & Keith

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